10 reasons why we love 'DDLJ' 20 years later

Can you believe that it has been 20 years since a fresh-faced Shah Rukh Khan wooed Kajol in sarson ke khet and made an entire country fall in love? Yes, yes, believe us that it has been two decades since you took your school/college sweetheart to watch Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and had to listen to how Raj was answer to every woman’s every prayer.

And all you people who were born after that iconic moment, go and play somewhere else.

Shah Rukh Khan took to Twitter to share how that jodi looks this year in that iconic pose. We could have told him that we need no reminder. We are still in love with that film all those years later. And you kids who don’t know what the brouhaha is all about, here’s a visit you must take via a special ‘making of DDLJ’ that YRF has released.

About 20 years ago, Raj and Simran met in Europe and we all fell in love with them. They sparred and they romanced. They sang and they drank. As they backpacked through Europe, many a young women decided that Switzerland is where they were going to honeymoon and a Raj clone was what they wanted for a husband.

Then came in the great Indian joint family and a tutorial on how to woo them (feed pigeons, help ladies in the kitchen and sing antakshari with the kids). Parmeet Sethi’s Kuljeet realised too late that he was the idiot in it all (Raj not only whisked his fiancée from under his nose but also romanced his sister!) so a little bit of dhishoom-dhishoom. And then, Babuji came round.

Here is a 10-point guide why DDLJ is our favourite…

© Provided by Hindustan Times1. SRK, the loverboy

Once upon a time, Shah Rukh Khan was not a loverboy. He was a man bent on revenge (Baazigar), an obsessed psychopath (Darr) and, well, another obsessed psychopath (Anjaam), but he was never your clean-cut loverboy you want to take home and introduce to your parents.

DDLJ gave us that and Shah Rukh liked it so, he has been doling it out to us ever since. That, and this famous pose. It is a thing now, really. Hell, even Alia Bhatt did it!

© Provided by Hindustan Times

2. Punjabi family and the wedding celebrations

There was a time when you could not go to cinemas or switch on the TV without meeting a Punjabi family in the throes of wedding celebrations – the entire strength of tayajis and mausajis and buajis. You can blame DDLJ for it – for every single balle-balle.

3. Meet the NRI

Till DDLJ came along, Bollywood was happy with its heroes living in India. If we ever met NRIs, they were mostly wine drinking, short clothes wearing, hating India for its third-world status kinds (most of Manoj Kumar films). DDLJ proved geography had nothing to do with it. Whether you were in London or Ludhiana, phir bhi dil hai Hindustani. After DDLJ, Bollywood took this to heart and every other film’s hero emigrated.

4. Dialogues

Corny or not, these dialogues have been rehashed and re-said so many times, they have entered our everyday lexicon. You never heard of them? Hope the cave you’ve been living in was comfortable.

Bade bade deshon, mein aisi choti-choti baatein hoti rehti hain

Jaa Simran, jee le apni zindagi!

Mujhe to koi ek ladki pasand aa hi nahi sakti hai… ab kisi ki aankhen achi hai, to kisi naak achi hai, kisi ke honth ache hain, kisi ke kaan ache hain.

5. Shah Rukh-Kajol

Together, they scorched the screen and formed one of the most sizzling jodis of all time. Shah Rukh and Kajol went on do many films together and almost all of them were hits.

© Provided by Hindustan Times

6. That train scene

Simran will miss her train and her chance of one-month of freedom. Raj just spied a pretty girl on the platform running to catch her train. He offers her his hand and the rest is cinematic history. If you haven’t watched this scene in DDLJ, you can try Jab We Met, Ye Jawaani Hai Deewani or Chennai Express.

7. Karvachauth

Your Tamilian girlfriend kept a fast for you this Karvachauth? Worse, she wanted you to keep a fast for her? And you never heard of this largely North Indian festival till 19 years ago? Well, blame DDLJ. Also for those regressive lyrics: tere haath se pee kar paani, daasi se ban jaun rani.

8. For the debuts

This is the film which introduced us to Aditya Chopra, the filmmaker; Karan Johar, the actor/filmmaker; Mandira Bedi beyond Shanti and Anaita Shroff Adjania who went on to become stylist to many stars. There were other names associated with it which are all contributing to Bollywood as we know it today.

9. Fashion

Corduroy shirts and jeans, maxi dresses and straight hair, green and white lehnga and leather jackets – this film was a rage and so were its fashion statements. Don’t be ashamed if you/your parents have one of those still in the closet. The film’s tagline was ‘come, fall in love’, we took it literally in every sense.

10. The Trendsetter

Budget airlines were years away and so was McDonald’s (imagine!). This film suddenly opened a new world for the middle class Indian where people backpacked across continents and drank fancy liquor. The production values were such that Bollywood was also forced to up its game.

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10 reasons why we love 'DDLJ' 20 years later

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