Aamir Khan Rohit Shetty provide financial help to an unwell Kalpana Lajmi

Filmmaker Kalpana Lajmi, who has made films like Rudaali and Daman, recently was diagnosed with a malignant tumour on her left kidney due to which she had to undergo some heavy treatment. The director, however, faced a lot of financial crisis owing to the expensive medication and it was Aamir Khan and Rohit Shetty who came to her rescue.

Elaborating on the same, Kalpana revealed that after seeing her condition, director Ashoke Pandit and Vinta Nanda contacted Aamir Khan regarding her illness and the actor, despite the hectic schedule of Dangal, decided to take some time out along with his wife Kiran Rao to provide financial aid to Kalpana Lajmi for her ongoing treatment. Simultaneously, another celebrity who decided to lend a helping hand was Rohit Shetty who donated about Rs. 2 lakhs for the director’s well-being.

From what we hear, Kalpana’s friend and colleague Ashoke Pandit is currently in the process of setting up a corpus fund for her treatment and medication. As for her health, Kalpana recently underwent a surgery for the tumour in Mumbai and her insurance had covered the same. She added that despite the treatment, there are some more minor operations that she has to undergo and the medication should be continuous. Her insurance policies can be renewed only next year because of which she has to depend on her friends for cash inflow.

Kalpana Lajmi expressed her gratitude towards all the friends and family members who stood up in support of her during this tough time.


Aamir Khan Rohit Shetty provide financial help to an unwell Kalpana Lajmi

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