AbRam is my love guru: Shah Rukh Khan

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Mumbai: Superstar Shah Rukh Khan finds the tag of the “King of Romance” weird.

“I find the tag weird. Because of my films, where I talk good things about love, people think me to be like that. Personally if you know me, may be I won’t turn out like a ‘premi’ type,” he said.

When asked who he considers as a love guru, the actor said, “I never thought who is the next guru, may be I have passed the age to think ‘Who will be my next love guru’.”

Kajol, who will be seen with the actor in ‘Dilwale’, said, “Your love guru is AbRam.”

To which, Shah Rukh added, “Okay, my love guru is AbRam. I will follow his footsteps and do what he does.”

The 50-year-old ‘Chennai Express’ actor feels the love of the little child is the most genuine.

“But yes, he (AbRam) is very genuinely loving. I think animals are also very good love gurus. Children and animals love you unconditionally… Little children are the most loving. Their love is very pure.”

Shah Rukh said that AbRam and daughter Suhana have seen rushes of ‘Dilwale’ and enjoyed it.

“AbRam and Suhana have seen the one-hour-30-minute rough cut of the film… Suhana was surprised at the intensity of the love story… She was pleasantly surprised with the storyline.

“AbRam I don’t know what he understands. He used to look at me and say ‘Papa’. He seemed to enjoy. I was surprised he sat for one-and-half-hour, clapped… Sometimes when everybody was quiet he used to make noises like ‘Ooooh’. It was fun.”

‘Dilwale’ releases on December 18.

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AbRam is my love guru: Shah Rukh Khan

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