Actor called me fat: Vidya Balan

Spotlight: Vidya Balan Actress Vidya Balan, who is always under scanner for her weight, revealed that there are times when her weight and other things take precedence much to the actor’s chagrin.

“A very senior actor who I met a couple of days back told me, ‘Bahut moti ho gayi hai.’ I wanted to turn back and say, ‘Hormonal problem aapko bhi hai.’ How dare he! How can somebody say this to someone. With due respect to his talent, it is ridiculous when you start objectifying women,” revealed Vidya Balan.

Protesting against such deplorable behaviour, Vidya Balan went on to say how apart from asking her questions about her weight, people also evince interest in her family planning matters.

“So aren’t you planning anything yet, people ask me. I feel like telling them, please come to my place and we can sit and discuss the plans together.”

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Actor called me fat: Vidya Balan

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