Alia Bhatt lashes out at a reporter

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An infuriated Alia Bhatt lashed out at a journalist, during a recent event after he asked her why Holi is celebrated, in a bid to test the actress’ general knowledge.
In a video that went viral we initially see the actress walking way from the camera and the reporter angrily on being asked a general knowledge question. However, after a few steps, we see her take a a u-turn and comes back to give that reporter a royal snub.

Instead of replying to the reporter’s question Bhatt opted to shoot some GK questions to him, which silenced him completely. Bhatt also gives him a word of advice: Don’t ask if you don’t know bro.

While Bhatt sportingly took all the criticism that came her way after she appeared on an episode of Koffee With Karan and said that the President of India is Prithviraj Chouhan, clearly she too has her limits and Alia-is-so-dumb jokes aren’t funny anymore and she isn’t ready to give a GK test everytime she turns up for an interview.

The actress has so far laughed at the Twitter jokes about her and in fact very sportingly starred in a All India Backchod’s video, Genius of The Year. However, if the above video is any indication, the actress is done entertaining questions that belittles her and makes her appear dumb.

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Alia Bhatt lashes out at a reporter

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