Ashutosh Gowarikers son assists him on Mohenjo Daro

As Ashutosh Gowariker readies his next purported opus Mohenjo Daro, his two sons Konark and Vishwang are all set to become filmmakers like their father.

In fact, the elder son Konark, who is now 25, has already embarked on his journey as a filmmaker.

Reveals the proud dad, “Konark has assisted me in Mohenjo Daro. He is passionate about filmmaking and seems to have his own ideas on how to set up the camera and compose frames. I hope, one day, he directs films that would be very different from my work.”

Interestingly, Ashutosh’s younger son Vishwang is also keen on filmmaking. “He is 20 and he’s studying filmmaking in Boston. When he returns, he will also embark on a career as a director. So, I guess both my sons have taken after me.”

Incidentally, Ashutosh is also an actor. He started his career as an actor and then graduated to direction.

“Who knows, my sons may take the opposite direction!” quips the proud father.


Ashutosh Gowarikers son assists him on Mohenjo Daro

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