Atif Aslam gets special visa clearance for peace anthem

While other Pakistani artistes find it extremely difficult to get a visa clearance into India, Atif Aslam who has been recording most, if not all of his Bollywood numbers from outside India, flew in specially for a motivational youth number that the singer sang and danced to with Tiger Shroff.

Apparently, special permission was requested for the singer to be physically present for the video in Mumbai.

Choreographer Ahmed Khan who has shot the video says it was essential to get Atif over. “The whole video for a song called ‘Aa Raha Hoon Main‘ was planned with Tiger and Atif. It’s a motivational song for students and was shot on a real educational campus, Subhash Ghai’s Whistling Woods. The idea is to show students that learning and education need not be bookish and boring.”

Ahmed admits Atif’s presence in Mumbai was not easy. “We had to make a special request. But we’re glad that Atif could make it.”

One hears the singer had a tough time keeping pace with the nimble-footed Tiger. Laughs Ahmed, “Well, let’s put it this way. If Atif is no match on Tiger as a dancer, Tiger is no match on Atif as a singer.”

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Atif Aslam gets special visa clearance for peace anthem

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