Attempts are being made to destroy me – Kangna Ranaut

“The mentality is the same. If I can’t get you, I might as well destroy you,” said Kangna Ranaut in an interview with India Today, today. In the context of her bitter battle with Hrithik Roshan, when she was asked if attempts are being made to destroy her, Kangna said, “Yes attempts are being made but whether they are working or not is a different scenario,” a defiant Kangna replied.

Do you feel Bollywood has accepted you, are you insider, Kangna was asked. “Why should Bollywood accept me, you should ask me have I accepted Bollywood,” Ranaut retorted. So have you accepted Bollywood? “Yes I have.” Has Bollywood accepted you? “I don’t care,” Kangna laughed, looking beautiful in a red dress.

“I have no problem in being called a witch. These weapons have been used on women for way too long. Growing up the biggest fear I had that if I am a loser of a woman I’ll be called a whore, a witch, a psychopath and a drug addict. I have a lot of respect for people who are struggling with drug abuse, who are trying to come out of it. I have played a drug addict and I don’t see anything gross about it,” Kangna said.


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Attempts are being made to destroy me – Kangna Ranaut

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