Best Twitter reactions on DiCaprio’s Oscar win

An American actor and film producer, Leonardo DiCaprio turns 40 on November 11. Here is a look at his life in pictures. Leonardo DiCaprio: Life in Pictures We saw this coming and we waited for it a long, long time. The curse of Leonardo DiCaprio has finally been lifted. He won his first Academy Award for Best Actor on Monday morning and his fans have all lost their collective sanity.

Seems like as if the entire humanity is on Twitter right now, judging by the insane number of tweets and status updates bombarding everyone’s timeline. Leo has won this after finally after three misses in more than 20 years and his fans are absolutely ecstatic. See for yourself in these hilarious tweets:

We all know what Leonardo DiCaprio did after winning his Oscar, he went to the washroom and..

— Hardik Rajgor (@Hardism) February 29, 2016

This is what it’ll be like tonight. Only it was tears of joy.

— Nicole Latayan (@nikowl) February 29, 2016

Congrats @LeoDiCaprio#Oscars


— Maroon 5 Indonesia (@Maroon5INDO) February 29, 2016

Our reaction to @LeoDiCaprio victory!!

— Rudimental (@RudimentalUk) February 29, 2016

Congratulations @LeoDiCaprio from the cast of the longest-running noontime show in the Philippines,

— Joey de Leon (@AngPoetNyo) February 29, 2016

Hey @LeoDiCaprio, I got some bad news about that award.

— Anthony Chow (@thegreatchow) February 29, 2016

@leonardodicaprio #oscars he Won #work

— Astarte ♏ (@AstarteScorpio) February 29, 2016


— Iven (@IvenThePanda) February 29, 2016

“Thanks for including me in your acceptance speech @LeoDiCaprio” –

— Dolby Theatre (@DolbyTheatre) February 29, 2016


— Laughing (@OMGtrolls) February 29, 2016

Perfect. Just perfect.

— Ricky FilmLife Tyree (@RickyT_FilmLife) February 29, 2016

A brilliant journey so far for @LeoDiCaprio#Oscars!

— Abhishek (@NotAbhishek) February 29, 2016

bout bloody time 👏🏼🏆

— maddie hogan (@maddiekhogan1) February 29, 2016

The entire world when @LeoDiCaprio won Best Actor at

— Becky | TW IS LIT (@xBreeTanner) February 29, 2016

Leonardo Dicaprio After his #Oscars Win.

— TheFrustratedIndian (@FrustIndian) February 29, 2016

Leonardo Dicaprio’s Oscars speech

— Dory (@Dory) February 29, 2016

leo getting in one last dig at the academy for all those years

— nevona (@nevona) February 29, 2016

What an incredible time in my life to be able to see 60 different accounts make the same Leonardo DiCaprio joke.

— Fleece Johnson (@BroganWebber) February 29, 2016


— nap queen (@jasweeenie) February 29, 2016

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Best Twitter reactions on DiCaprio’s Oscar win

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