‘Bodyguard’ Alia is ready to slap anyone to protect Shahid

Of late, at multiple media events, actor Alia Bhatt has come out strongly in defence of her co-star, actor Shahid Kapoor. The two are working in two films. Whenever he has been at the receiving end of any uncomfortable question regarding his marriage, Alia came through, and dodged them for him.

Ask Alia why she does that, and she says, “Yes, I have done it a few times. In fact, I had also said (at one of the events), ‘If anyone asks Shahid one more time about his marriage, I will stand up, and slap (that person) across the face (laughs)’.”

On a lighter note, Alia says that after shielding Shahid on so many occasions, she is ready to be his official bodyguard now.

“I think I’m ready to be Shahid’s bodyguard (laughs). So (it can be like) Bodyguard (2011) part two (in real life),” says the actor. But to play the role of a bodyguard, she would have to work hard on her petite physique, right? On the contrary, she says, “Everyone would be under the assumption that they shouldn’t be scared (of me), but then, I will fight so well that they will end up getting scared.”

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‘Bodyguard’ Alia is ready to slap anyone to protect Shahid

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