Censor Board says no to Ranbir Kapoors dialogue in Tamasha

Abusive language, double-meaning dialogues, cuss words and even naughty punning remain strictly prohibited areas of activity as far as the censor board is concerned.

The latest to feel the brunt of the censorial scissors is Ranbir Kapoor. Some of his tongue-in-cheek dialogues in Imtiaz Ali’s Tamasha have been snipped out.

Apparently a risque reference to the Interpol was cut out of the film. Two sexual innuendos also had to go.

Says a source, “They were fun lines, the way young people speak in a team. At one point a character makes a veiled reference to masturbation which the censor board did not want. There was another naughty reference to men and women who hide their relationship. ‘Din mein sister raat mein bistar’ (sister during the day, to bed at night).”

At one point Ranbir refers to Deepika as ‘Saali’. That too has gone.

Says a source from the team, “The CBFC said they were shocked at these innuendos in an Imtiaz Ali film. But we suggest the board members listen to how the young speak in real life. They even said a woman can’t be referred to as ‘saali.’ We want to know how the earlier censor panel passed the title Yeh Saali Zindagi. Or what would they say to the classic Dilip Kumar number ‘Saala, mein to sahib ban gaya‘ in the film Sagina.”

Director Luv Ranjan who had to go through a bevy of beeps in Pyaar Ka Punchanaama 2 protests, “Since my three heroes are young urban Indians talking the way young people do, naturally their conversation is splattered with words like ‘saala’ and ‘chu..ya’. How was I to know that the censor board doesn’t allow young people to talk the way they do?”

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Censor Board says no to Ranbir Kapoors dialogue in Tamasha

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