Chennais rescue operation is uncannily like Akshay Kumars Airlift

Watching rescue efforts in Chennai by the Indian Airforce planes, Akshay Kumar felt a deep sense of dejevu. It reminded him of the scenes he had shot recently in Airlift, the film about rescue operations in Kuwait after Saddam Hussain’s attack.

Says a source close to the film, “The whole rescue operation in Chennai and the efficiency and dedication with which the army carried off the operations reminded the entire Airlift team of what they had shot in Airlift where scores of Indians were evacuated after Saddam Hussain’s attack.”

The film directed by first-timer Raja Krishna Menon is about a real-life Indian businessman’s efforts to rescue stranded Indians in Kuwait during the time of Saddam’s attack.

Observes Raja Krishna Menon, “Actually I see a lot similarity between the situation in Chennai and what happened in Kuwait in 1990. I have family in Chennai and the stories they are sharing is scarily similar to what we shot for Airlift. In Chennai schools have been made into camps. People have had no food for 24 hours. This is exactly how it was in Kuwait during Saddam’s invasion. The shock and surprise of the flood is very similar to Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait.”

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Chennais rescue operation is uncannily like Akshay Kumars Airlift

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