Deepika Padukone counsels student in elevator

A couple of weeks back it was nail biting time for students with exam results being declared. But what heightens the tension for these kids are the impending admission processes that come along with result season. With pressure from all quarters students often find themselves looking for an easy way out. Talking about an encounter she had with a more than tense student in an elevator recently Deepika Padukone took to twitter to recount the experience via a series of tweets.

“Just met a boy in the lift who was very disappointed with his results..his mother said you are so successful you must have have scored well! 65% I said…she says,that’s it!?”yes Aunty…that’s it!” there is soo much more to life than just academics,grades and results…” posted Deepika about her conversation with the boy and his mother. Taking it a step further Deepika decided to reach out to the multitude of students too adding, “follow your heart,do what your passionate about…& live,love & laugh…X”.

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Deepika Padukone counsels student in elevator

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