Did Katrina Kaif address Rishi Kapoor as ‘Papa’?

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Bollywood’s dynamic couple ‘RanKat’ – Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif made a big step in their relationship when they started living together in a plush suburban apartment. Ranbir who was living with his parents, Neetu and Rishi Kapoor, finally moved out to live with his girlfriend.

While the couple has refrained from talking about their personal life, seems like they are pretty serious in their relationship. Rumours about their wedding even made the rounds but Ranbir and Katrina both politely refused them.

Apparently, at a recent function which was attended by the love – birds and Ranbir’s parents, when Katrina met Rishi Kapoor, she warmly greeted him with a peck on his cheek and said, “Hi Papa, how are you?”

Now isn’t that a positive leap for ‘RanKat’!

By Friya Pavri

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Did Katrina Kaif address Rishi Kapoor as ‘Papa’?

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