Did you know Sanjay Dutt turned poet while in prison

So yesterday Sanjay Dutt who was imprisoned for five years was finally released after he completed his sentence. While the media went gaga with blanket coverage on his arrival in Mumbai, Dutt on the other hand seemed a pleased man. The actor visited the Siddhivinayak temple yesterday, he later met the media who had been awaiting his arrival. At the meet Dutt talked about his days in prison and how he coped with it, however what caught our attention was the humility of the actor, and the fact that he has now developed a new skill.

In fact Sanjay Dutt stated that while imprisoned he was so influenced by two other inmates who were poets that he himself decided to try it. Seemingly the actor was pretty good with the same and has written 500 poems that he intends on publishing.

Apart from becoming a poet Dutt also revealed his new found value for money. Talking about the same Dutt commented that the Rs. 440 he earned from making paper bags in prison he dutifully handed over to his wife Manyata Dutt when he returned. Besides this Sanjay Dutt also learnt to save, setting aside Rs. 20 from the Rs. 2000 that he would get every month for personal expenses. Talking about the same Dutt stated that the Rs. 20 that he used to set aside was for ’emergencies only’.

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Did you know Sanjay Dutt turned poet while in prison

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