Easy to talk safe, everyone should have opinions: Sonam Kapoor

Know Your Star: Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor is known to be an actor who speaks her mind. In fact, she’s of the belief that every person should have his or her own take on issues, and speak up.

“It’s easy to be diplomatic, and not comment on stuff because you don’t want to get into a controversy or don’t want a certain section of the audience to not like you. But it’s important to speak about things because you’d rather not have anything weigh on your conscience. That’s why it’s important to have an opinion about things in life,” she says.

Sonam talked on the same vein when she was recently at the HT Youth Forum in Chandigarh. She said, “You cannot dictate anyone to do something. We have our own individual choices and that should be respected. I will never tell anyone to eat or not to eat beef, who am I to stop anyone? That is completely wrong; to tell people what to do.”

Point out to her that she was recently called ‘India’s answer to Victoria Beckham’ by an international magazine, and Sonam says, “I think it’s because I’m starting my own clothing line. It’s a creative medium, and Victoria made a business out of fashion. I guess that’s where they were going with it.”

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Easy to talk safe, everyone should have opinions: Sonam Kapoor

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