Farah Khan expresses her support for Vishal Dadlani

Just yesterday we had reported that musician Vishal Dadlani had written a public apology seeking forgiveness for his controversial statements against the Jain monk, Tarun Sagar. Now we hear that the music composer’s friend Farah Khan has come out in his support.

Commenting on the incident, Farah stated that she supported Dadlani who has always been a friend in each and every way. Further she also said that being a democratic country means allowing people to use their freedom of speech which translated to allowing them the ability to say what they wanted to.

As for Vishal, despite replying to multiple people individually on twitter by apologizing for his remarks, the composer also announced his resignation from the AAP party of which he was an active member.


Farah Khan expresses her support for Vishal Dadlani

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