Five actors who shocked with their misogynistic remarks

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    News 360: Fans want heroines made pregnant

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Telugu actor and MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna’s remarks about his female co-stars – the actor was quoted as saying that his fans were only happy when he kissed girls or “made them pregnant” – have garnered quite the backlash, and justifiably so.

But Balakrishna is hardly the only actor to have made such outrageous comments about women. From Bollywood and Hollywood, here are the five male actors who shocked with their misogynistic remarks:

Kamaal R. Khan

When it comes to making offensive comments about women, Kamaal R. Khan counts as a repeat offender. The list of Bollywood actresses he’s targeted in his creepy tweets includes the likes of Deepika Padukone (he launched a survey asking whether or not she had the “biggest butt”), Diana Penty (KRK asked her to go out on a date with him on “No Panty Day”), and Anushka Sharma (he basically incited cricket lovers to stone her house after Team India, led by Virat Kohli, lost their semi-final World Cup match in Australia).

Most recently, his tweet about Alia Bhat looking like a child in her “panty” (sic) led to a war of words with the actress’ rumoured beau Sidharth Malhotra. Commending Sidharth’s taking up cudgels on her behalf, Alia told Indian Express, “If you are a critic, you can say things about our movies but then there is no need to say explicit things about a young girl especially since you are saying that I am so young. We as a film industry and fraternity shouldn’t encourage this kind of dirty and cheap talk especially if you are a girl. Sid was speaking on behalf of many other girls about whom he (KRK) has spoken in the past.”

John Wayne

On screen, John Wayne played the all-American cowboy, but off screen, he didn’t enjoy quite the heroic reputation. For instance, filmmakers knew they had to shoot his scenes before noon, because he would be “too drunk” after that. Irresponsible behaviour on the sets aside, Wayne was also known for not exactly being a champion of African Americans or Native Americans (he famously alleged that the latter were “selfishly keeping American land for themselves”).

But his remarks on women and what their “rightful” place in society should be were priceless: “Women have the right to work wherever they want,” he said. “As long as they have the dinner ready when you get home.” What a ringing endorsement for women’s lib!

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson’s infamous rant against then girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva was so expletive-laden, that it couldn’t be printed or broadcast without substantial censoring. Grigorieva said she taped Gibson’s outburst because she feared for her life. And she may well have – in the recording, Mel is heard calling her a “pig in heat” and also threatening to burn down their house after getting her to perform a sex act on him, all while their baby cried in the background. Clearly, Mel was no “braveheart” in real life.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

When six women came forward to claim that actor Arnold Schwarzenegger had inappropriately touched and harassed them (in separate incidents over three decades), it caused quite the ripples in his campaign for California governor. But Schwarzenegger has had quite the history of making chauvinistic remarks about women. He once claimed that he hated pants so much that he didn’t allow his mother or (then) wife Mari Shriver to ever wear them when out with him. He also described women in various comments as just being sexual objects.

Bill Cosby

The veteran comedian and actor’s reputation received a huge hit when allegations of having drugged and sexually assaulted 50 women were laid at his door. And even though he admitted to some of those claims in a court deposition back in 2005 (he admitted that he acquired seven prescriptions of Quaaludes with the intent to give the sedatives to young women he wanted to have sex with), his response to the fresh allegations was not likely to endear him to the public. Not only did he rubbish the claims of the women, he counter-sued seven of them, with his lawyer labeling their stories as “multidecade-old, false, uncorroborated, opportunistic allegations of sexual assault” which had irreparably damaged Cosby’s legacy.

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Five actors who shocked with their misogynistic remarks

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