Five Bollywood stars who were injured on set

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© Provided by Hindustan Times This could have turned into a nightmare but Bipasha’s stars favoured her and how! Her hairdresser dropped a hot hair curling iron on the actor, which caused multiple burns. She even posted an angry rant against the careless hair stylist but later informed her fans that all was well and thanked them for the concern.


Mr Perfectionist had to take bed rest for a couple of days after he suffered a muscle spasm while shooting for his upcoming film. He later updated his fans about his well being and wrote, “Hey guys its not such a major injury. My back muscle has gone into a spasm. A week of rest and I will be back on shoot.”


Tiger, who plays a superhero in his next film, was shooting an action scene with 4-5 trucks, when he hurt his back. Tiger was advised bed rest. He also ended up with multiple bruises on his hand while shooting for Sabbir Khan’s directorial. Tiger’s sister Krishna uploaded a picture of the injury on his hand on Instagram.


The bubbly actor ended up with burn marks on her hand and face during an award function. She was on stage when the crackers, which were lit up to add grandeur to the show, ended up hurting the actor. She was immediately administered first aid and sent home.


© Provided by Hindustan Times The actor got hurt while sitting on her bed at home! While doing a video chat, the laptop fell on her. She captioned, “When you are chatting in bed on FaceTime with the comp up in da air and in the middle of the convo it falls on your face, so not funny.”

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Five Bollywood stars who were injured on set

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