Furore over Zhu Zhu pisses off Salman Tubelight to have a Bollywood leading lady too

It wasn’t meant to be out. At least not yet. Chinese actress Zhu Zhu prematurely announced on a social network her presence in Kabir Khan’s new film Tubelight which is currently being shot in Ladakh.

Salman Khan Productions who are the co-producers of Tubelight were horrified by the Chinese actress’ over-enthusiasm. The picture was hastily taken off the internet. However by then the information that she was Salman’s love interest in Tubelight had already gone viral.

Much to the annoyance of Salman and his team. Says a source close to the project, “They wanted to introduce her properly after the current shooting in Ladakh which goes on for another fortnight. Zhu Zhu was immediately asked to remove her picture with Salman in Ladakh which she had so happily and innocently posted. In her defence, she didn’t mean to jump protocol because she didn’t know what the protocol was.”

Incidentally Zhu Zhu is not the only leading lady in Tubelight. Salman will also be paired with an Indian co-star. Salman’s and director Kabir Khan’s buddy Katrina Kaif is expected to step into that role.

Says a source, “They haven’t signed the Indian actress opposite Salman yet because shooting with her will happen in the next schedule. Right now the entire focus is on completing the Ladakh schedule.”

Tubelight is plotted around the 1963 Indo-Chinese war. The great Chetan Anand directed the war epic Haqeeqat based on the same subject. Apparently Tubelight is inspired by the Chetan Anand epic which had contained astonishingly imperishable music by Madan Mohan.

Pritam Chakraborty is expected to fit the bill in Tubelight.

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Furore over Zhu Zhu pisses off Salman Tubelight to have a Bollywood leading lady too

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