Gaurav Arora gets into a fight on the sets of Raaz Reboot

While there have been several cases of tantrums and arguments before, Gaurav Arora lost his cool over something else during the shoot of Raaz Reboot in Romania. The actor who was busy shooting an intense sequence got into a scuffle of sorts on the sets of the film.

It so happened that Gaurav Arora, who was in the midst of the scene, was interrupted by onlookers who were passing lewd comments. It was a crucial sequence for the film and the actor was shooting with co-star Kirti Kharbanda. Also, the time wasn’t in their favour and the scene had to be completed before the day ends. As the actor tried to concentrate on shooting amidst all the pressure, the comment session of the onlookers left him miffed. The upset actor initially decided to dismiss the situation peacefully but when his attempts failed and the gang continued with their misbehavior, Gaurav lost his cool. It lead to an ugly fight and the production team took charge of the situation. Revealing details of the same, Gaurav Arora agreed that it was a bad day and that they somehow managed to finish the shoot.

Raaz Reboot is directed by Vikram Bhatt and it also stars Emraan Hashmi in the lead. The film is slated to release on September 16.

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Gaurav Arora gets into a fight on the sets of Raaz Reboot

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