Goldie Behl buys a wrestling team

By now, we all know that, in a country that’s obsessed with cricket, Bollywood stars and many corporates have started doing their bit to promote other sports as well by buying their own teams. Film maker Goldie Behl is the latest one to join the band wagon. He recently has bought himself a wrestling team. Goldie Behl, who has been following both the ‘Kabaddi League’ and ‘Football League’, closely saw immense potential in the ‘Pro Wrestling League’ and was the first to bet major bucks on the Haryana team, ‘Haryana Hammers’.

When asked, Goldie Behl said, “It’s an earthy Indian sport and my son Ranveer to keep wrestling with the pillows on the bed. So, it’s a sport that not only has appeal to the masses but also with the children in cities. ‘Haryana Hammers’ is a team that some of my school friends from Mayo have come together to part of so when they asked me to join them I agreed instantly. I am very excited to have class icon player Yogeshwar Dutt as part of our team. And I’m glad that Indian and international players are finally getting their due. The fact that 2 super stars of our country are doing movies based in wrestling is a testament of how popular the sport is in our country and with pro wrestling league the sport will begin a new journey in our country and internationally as well. AB (Abhishek Bachchan) is my brother. So, his team is like my team. He’s aware of me being involved in wrestling. I’ve even taken some advice from him as he’s made such a success of his teams”.

Way to go, Goldie Behl.

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Goldie Behl buys a wrestling team

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