Hema Malini is happy playing grandmother

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Dream girl Hema Malini has never been in a happier space. The road accident in which she was recently involved and which left one dead is now in the past. The scars are all gone.

Hema is now busy playing the doting Naani to her younger daughter Ahana’s newly born son.

Brimming over with motherly pride Hema Malini says, “The little gentleman is very handsome, I must say. He is the first baby in our family after so many years. I had forgotten how to hold a baby. I am sure he’s going to grow up to be one helluva looker.”

Hema is also filled with pride about her elder daughter Esha’s triumph. “She went and did a Kannada film Care Of Footpath 2. I didn’t even know when she found the time from all her domestic responsibilities. I guess we Deols are multi-taskers.”

Now the Esha starrer will go to Oscars as a ‘lateral contender.’ Hemaji is candid enough to admit she doesn’t know what it means. “All I know is that the film will go to the Oscars and I am very proud of my daughter. They are all going to Los Angeles to release the film.”

So wrapped up is the Dream Girl in domesticity she has no time to campaign for her party the Bharatiya Janta Party in the forthcoming Bihar elections. She has been invited to do the same. But there are elections happening in her own constituency Mathura and Hemaji would rather focus on that.

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Hema Malini is happy playing grandmother

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