Hrithik-Kangana row: Rakesh Roshan advises son to keep low profile

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Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut’s legal battle has become the fodder for media over the last few days. After Hrithik declared war on Kangana and slammed a legal notice on her, Kangana too hit back sending out a lawsuit against Hrithik. That was not the end of it all. The war of words continued and has not stopped ever since.

The scandal naturally assumed gigantic proportions in the last few weeks.

It was Rakesh Roshan who had, reportedly, advised his son to take legal recourse against Kangana. Little did he know that his son would find himself tangled in such a mess.

Reportedly, the filmmaker has strictly told his son to maintain a low profile over the next few weeks. No public appearances, no events, no media interactions – basically, just stay away from the public eye as much as you can.

Rakesh Roshan is sure that if Hrithik steps out, he will invariably be bombarded with questions about Kangana and at this point, he doesn’t want to face any of this.

Reports claim Hrithik will stay behind closed doors, until the controversy dies down.

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Hrithik-Kangana row: Rakesh Roshan advises son to keep low profile

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