I am in recovery and I am well: Big B assures his fans

© Provided by Hindustan Times Assuring his fans and ‘extended family’ as he likes to call them, Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan has written on his blog that he is well and is recovering.

The 73-year-old actor shared an update about his health to his well-wishers, who he fondly calls his “Ef”.

“I am in recovery .. though with slow process ! Those that present themselves on this family of Ef, throw intermittent concern on my condition. To them I say, I am well and do not have grave conditions in your mind. . these conditions occur often, and shall heal in due course,” Big B wrote on Sunday.

The Piku star also assured his fans that these “conditions occur often, and shall heal in due course!” With the help of a “strong pain killer” he could travel to Chennai “to pay respect to a late friend’s death anniversary”, he further wrote on he blog.

He added: “The ceremony was quiet, elegant, filled with the softness of remembrance and poignancy…I spoke… it was appreciated.”

In the same post, Amitabh also talked about the first car his family got.

“It is day 2882 and I am in wonder .. for this seems to be the number plate of the very first car that came to our family – a day of great rejoicing and cheer .. the car as a Ford Prefect, navy blue in colour, acquired after a long wait, for then, they were imported .. and acquired in the city of birth Allahabad .. at an address which has been of immediate and immense memory, 17 Clive Road .. a room in it, my Father’s study which he named ‘Dashadwaar’ .. 10 doors .. for there actually were 10 openings in this one room,” he wrote.

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I am in recovery and I am well: Big B assures his fans

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