I am in touch with Deepika: Siddharth Mallya

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Poor little rich boy Sid Mallya has been auditioning with full gusto but hasn’t been as lucky as say our Pee Cee, who bagged a lead role in ABC’s Quantico. Sid says, in an article in Bollywood Life, “Like most actors in America, I auditioned for a lot of ABC’s pilots, one of them was Quantico and a number of other shows which either did or didn’t get picked up or got cancelled along the way. But that was just in the audition process. Priyanka Chopra is doing really well.”

Son of Vijay Mallya, Sid found his calling in acting and soon left the family business to study acting and will be making his on-screen debut with Brahman Naman, an international film directed by Kolkata-based filmmaker Q. He says, “I didn’t love what I was doing that’s why I left to pursue this different career of mine. I think I’ve found my calling.”

Sid does, however, reveal that he finds it easier living in the West, as here he is under constant scrutiny. “I wish people would judge me for who I was as opposed to someone’s son. But I guess being in India that’s something I’m never going to be able to shrug. Therefore in the West I’ve got that opportunity to be my own person a little bit more. It’s always nice.”

The aspiring actor was in the limelight years ago for having dated Deepika Padukone, but has moved on since. “Yes, there is someone. I’m not going to give names purely because it’s not fair on that person. Then people start prying and hassling that someone. She studies as well. I’m quite happy about my personal life so long as it doesn’t affect someone else. I know if I start giving you names then I’m putting their personal life at risk. As for me, I’m like an open book!” he says.

But ask him about Dippy and he says, “Yeah I mean I am in touch with Deepika, like I’m in touch with anyone. I couldn’t be happier for her. It’s great that she’s so successful. May her success continue. I don’t know anything about her Hollywood ventures but I’m sure she will be as great in Hollywood as she’s been here. Best of luck to her!”

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I am in touch with Deepika: Siddharth Mallya

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