I would love to make a biopic on Sunny Leone – Indrajit Lankesh

Sunny Leone has already made an impact in Telugu industry with cameos and item numbers. And now Kannada film Luv U Alia will see Sunny graduate to an interesting role along with a sizzling cameo.

Speaking on casting Sunny Leone, director Indrajit says “Sunny is a smart actor. Whether it is her acting or dancing, she is the most-talked about and sought-after actors across the country. She is not just a pretty face with some moves on the dance floor, Sunny is a well-rounded film personality. She has managed to give a lot of established actresses in the industry a run for their money. It is not child’s play to carve a niche in such a short time, that too across industries. I have seen her perform in other films and I was sure that she would fit seamlessly in my screenplay.” The director adds, “Sunny is a phenomenal artist and has had a very interesting trajectory. I would love to make a biopic on sunny. Her persona is a product of her elaborate journey, all the way to her roots. I would love to capture this journey and present it to the world.”

The film will see its Kannada release on 18th September 2015, following which it will be releasing in dubbed Hindi pan India.

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I would love to make a biopic on Sunny Leone – Indrajit Lankesh

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