If you want an award attend the function say destination awards function organisers

If reliable sources are to be believed Nawazuddin Siddiqui was rebuffed at a recently concluded Indian awards at a foreign destination. “For his performance in Badlapur, Nawaz was the first choice for the award in the best villain’s category. But Nawaz was busy shooting in Lucknow and couldn’t attend. In any case he has no faith in awards. In his absence they gave the award to another actor,” says the source.

Ranveer Singh who won the best actor award had to fly down for a day from his shooting in Paris, or else there was always the alternative choice, Salman Khan. A filmmaker whose film has won several awards all across this year’s award function was not scheduled to attend the awards function as he is busy with the final preparations for his next film. However, a call from the organizers discreetly reminded him that his presence at the ‘destinations awards’ was compulsory if he wanted to win awards.

The filmmaker abandoned his pre-production prep for two days and quickly flew to the exotic location to ensure the awards were not given to any other film.

A filmmaker who stopped attending the international Indian awards function feels these awards have ceased to serve their purpose. “Initially this particular awards function was launched to promote Indian cinema all over the world. Now it’s Bollywood pleasuring itself at exotic destinations every year. It’s nothing more than an all-expenses paid vacation at some posh location every year. No one gives a fig about Indian cinema. They are all busy holidaying at the organizer’s expense with their families.”


If you want an award attend the function say destination awards function organisers

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