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Agam Diwan (Mahaakshay Chakraborty) is young businessman living in the US of A. He is the richest Indian in this part of the world. His business has grown on the foundation of ethics and truth. His father had come to the US twenty years ago, and had worked his way up to where the Diwan Empire now stands. Honesty and integrity is what he learnt from his father and that is how his business has grown to where it is now.

Obviously, with an empire this huge, journalists are going to dig deep for some dirt. They always want to go to the root of any successful person and take pride in portraying the fact that this is where he or she came from. So when a journalist from a lifestyle magazine learns that Agam’s father actually borrowed Rs 20 lakhs from his friend in Punjab and came to the US and never returned their money and that family is now in dire straits, he is disturbed. He doubts his father’s integrity and vows to give half of his fortune to that family.

He comes to India to do just that but when he enters the school which is run by the lovely Luvleen (Evelyn Sharma), who is the daughter of his father’s friend, he gets tongue tied after she mistakes him for coming in for a teacher’s job. So instead of getting to the truth, he ends up teaching for a salary of Rs 7,000.

So far, so good. The movie has a feel-good premise, but the second half stretches itself endlessly and gets on to be a big bore with the basic question of his father’s alleged cheating being unattended to.
Agam gets busy teaching and helping Luvleen marry the boy she loves. He goes to the extent of giving the boy’s father 250 million dollars just for him to agree to get his son to marry her.

First and foremost, Agam has not bothered to find out the truth and how his father cheated her father. All the time, he spends secretly admiring her. And then blindly he gives away such a huge amount to the man. Brother, if that is what you owe her, give it to her!

If there was a little urgency in getting into the heart of the matter, ISHQEDARRIYAAN could have been different. Director V V Sharma goes round and round and thus loses the plot.

Both Mahaakshay Chakraborty and Evelyn Sharma are pleasing and present their respective characters with dignity. But sadly, dignity is not what the script receives. In its overenthusiastic attempt to go ballistic, the proceeding loses its credibility. And that is really sad.

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Ishqedarriyaan movie review

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