J P Duttas Border 2 in trouble

A couple of years ago, we had reported that filmmaker J.P. Dutta had announced that he would soon be making a sequel to the 1997 film Border. In fact Dutta had claimed that he would not be making just Border 2, but in fact would also be making Border 3 & 4.

However, now we hear that the presenter of Border, Bharat Shah has filed a legal case against Dutta claiming that his company is the world right controllers and are lawful owners of all the copyrights in respect to the feature film Border. Commenting on the same, Bharat Shah says, “Yes we have issued a legal notice to J.P. Dutta since there is already a case against him pending in the High Court that we had filed earlier for non-payment.” Detailing the case Shah adds, “Border that released in 1997 went on to become a superhit and Dutta was supposed to share a part of the profits made from the film with us. However, he has refused to honour this and continues to turn a blind eye on the case.” Further talking about the sequel to the film, Shah asserts, “We have the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of the film (Border) and have filed a suit against Dutta in the Bombay High Court in respect of this.”

As it stands, with a case being filed against Dutta, his plans of launch his daughter Nidhi Dutta with Border 2 seem to be in limbo till the case has been resolved.

J.P. Dutta remained unavailable for comment.

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J P Duttas Border 2 in trouble

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