John Abraham to visit the Ziro Festival

Readers may be aware that John Abraham was recently signed as the brand ambassador of Arunachal Pradesh and the actor has already been making plans to be present at one of the most iconic music fests in North-East. John Abraham recently confessed that he wants to be a part of Ziro festival and will make sure to fulfil his wish this year.

John Abraham confessed at a recent event saying, “This is the first time I’ll be going to the Ziro festival and I have always wanted to be there. It’s between 22nd to 25th September and I’m planning my visit to North-east around the same time to meet my football team.” Ziro music festival brings together varied kinds of artists from all around the world together giving them this platform to celebrate music in a different way. John Abraham, we hear, will take a break from his Force 2 shooting schedule specially to attend the festival and also meet the North-East United football team.

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John Abraham to visit the Ziro Festival

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