John Abrahams Rocky Handsome pushed forward due to VFX work

After a spectacular success in an ensemble cast in Anees Bazmee’s Welcome Back, John wants to make sure his solo-hero release is glitch-free.

The release of Rocky Handsome has been pushed forward from Oct 2 to Feb 5. And it isn’t only because John Abraham did not want his pairing with Shruti Haasan to be repeated so quickly after Welcome Back.

Nishikant explains, “The Shruti-John pair was one reason for the postponement. But my film got delayed because I got busy with another film Drishyam.”

The director says there is another reason for the postponed release of Rocky Handsome. “The film requires a whole lot of VFX. We can’t rush through that. Besides another big film Singh Is Bliing released on October 2.”

Nishikant feels biggies clashing at the box office spell trouble. “We want to avoid any clash. So far our date of release February 5 is ours only. But you never know. Another film may decide to jump in to create an unnecessary clash.”

Is he referring to the way Shah Rukh Khan’s Dilwale has jumped in to give competition to Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Bajirao Mastani out of nowhere?

Avers Nishikant, “Any clash is unhealthy. We’ve happily gone to next year. It gives John and me time to work harder on our film, polish it up even more, reduce the glitches and make our film as failure-proof as possible.


John Abrahams Rocky Handsome pushed forward due to VFX work

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