Kamaal R Khan and Vikram Bhatt call it a truce

A few days ago we had reported that filmmaker Vikram Bhatt had filed a defamation case against Kamaal R Khan over derogatory remarks on him and his 1920 London actress Meera Chopra. Both Vikram Bhatt and KRK have gone back and forth calling out each other on social media since then. KRK ranted about Meera Chopra and all the dirty tricks Vikram Bhatt played with her. On the other hand, Vikram started a petition to get KRK banned from social media and urged his fans to sign it.

Well, the story has taken a new turn as it seems like Vikram Bhatt and KRK have called it a truce. As usual, KRK shared a few tweets where he apologised for his mistakes and talked about the controversy. He also apologised to the film fraternity for his past mistakes. He wrote, “Today I watched Vikram Bhatt n he said-KRK has got big social media power so he should decide whether he wants to be… recognised as a troll only or respected critic n I am 100% agree with his statement. So thanks to Vikram Bhatt for showing me right way. (sic). Anyway thanks Mr.Vikram Bhatt for giving me very good advise n I am sorry if I hurt you in the past. Cheers and best of luck for future. I m sorry to all other Bollywood ppl also if I have hurt anyone by my statement or review. Today a new very serious type of critic has born.”

Responding to KRK’s apology, Vikram Bhatt decided to accept it and wrote, “It takes a lot of courage to correct your ways and accept it on a public platform. I admire you for it. I am sure everybody in our fraternity will accept your apology and applaud you for understanding. You are a talented critic and people will take you seriously now because you are not a troll anymore 🙂 cheers!”

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Kamaal R Khan and Vikram Bhatt call it a truce

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