Kangna Ranauts lawyer wants to end the media battle

After the battle between two Bollywood superstars, Hrithik Roshan and Kangna Ranaut became a matter of public showdown, now the legal teams of both the actors want to resolve the matter in a much more amicable manner. In fact, Rizwan Siddiqui, lawyer of actress Kangna Ranaut went on to claim that no more statements will be released to the media and that the same would be followed by Hrithik Roshan’s team.

A recent statement by advocate Rizwan Siddiqui stated, “First and foremost I need to know who is representing Hrithik Roshan as an advocate on record, as the advocate seems to have been changed. The new advocate should come forward and give a proper statement in his name, so that we do not see legal statements being issued on public domain by anonymous persons. Besides what do they mean by stating that the image is photoshopped or doctored. Do they mean that it is not Kangna in the image or is it not Hrithik or is it their claim that the expressions or the body language of either Kangna and Hrithik have been altered. They need to be specific because the photograph was meant to prove a point that Hrithik had blatantly lied not knowing my client Kangna socially at all. That point has been sufficiently proved in all respects and therefore we need to move on and stop arguing uselessly.

In any event we would like everyone to know that some common people have started intervening in the matter and want the matter to be resolved amicably. Therefore, to end the matter on a positive note we shall not be giving any further statement to the media on the said matter, as the same has also been assured from their side.”

A recent picture of Kangna and Hrithik hugging at a party had gone viral and it created a furor considering the controversy surrounding their alleged affair. However, soon after several pictures from the party were put up on social media sites and some of them were a proof that Hrithik Roshan attended the party along with his now ex-wife Sussanne and they were spotted getting cozy during the bash.

Talking about the photography, Hrithik Roshan’s legal team too released a statement saying, “A group photograph was made to look as if it was an intimate moment between two people. Vital facts about that photograph were conveniently suppressed. We have been maintaining that this struggle is between truth and lies and nothing else. Peace is always the end objective so let the media trial end on this note and let’s have the investigation begin in proper sense. We would get whole lot of answers when the imposter in this episode is caught.”

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Kangna Ranauts lawyer wants to end the media battle

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