Karan Johar lusts for Ranbir Kapoor in Bombay Velvet

It is confirmed. Karan Johar plays an implicitly gay character in Bombay Velvet. There is a homo-erotic edge to the relationship that he shares with Ranbir Kapoor.

Says a source close to the film, “Karan plays a sexually ambivalent ruthless Parsi wheeler-dealer married to a beautiful woman. But he uses his wife as a decoy to subjugate and control his enemies. He’s shown to be attracted to Ranbir’s character.”

In one sequence where they share an intimate moment while looking down at a bird’s eye view of Mumbai’s skyline, Karan Johar caresses Ranbir Kapoor’s hand. And in another scene he asks Ranbir Kapoor what he sees in Anushka Sharma’s character that he didn’t see in him.

Apparently, Ranbir Kapoor, who looks to Karan Johar as a mentor in real life, enjoyed playing Karan’s lust-object in Bombay Velvet.

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Karan Johar lusts for Ranbir Kapoor in Bombay Velvet

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