KRK holds press conference against Ajay Devgn makes shocking accusations

Earlier this morning, we had reported that Ajay Devgn had released an audio clip of conversation between producer Kumar Mangat and Kamaal R Khan that stated that the latter had taken a sum of Rs. 25 lakhs from Karan Johar to promote Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and bash Shivaay. Ajay had also released a statement demanding a proper investigation against the said people. After the audio call release, KRK held a press conference this evening where he addressed the controversy in a detailed way.

KRK began his press conference by displaying a cheque issued by Kumar Mangat’s company in his name for Rs. 3 crores claiming that he has always had a close relationship with the producer. Talking about Ajay Devgn’s official statement, KRK said that Ajay was a “2 rupees person” before joining the industry and today he is a billionaire. He has no emotional connect with the industry. The only connect he has is that of money. He addressed that Ajay didn’t help the old producers of Action Jackson after the movie bombed at the box office. Talking about whether he is emotionally attached or not, KRK said that Ajay refused to shift Son of Sardaar‘s clash with Shah Rukh Khan’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan after Yash Chopra’s demise when he was requested by many people.

Further accusing Ajay Devgn, KRK said that the actor is making him a scapegoat to target Karan Johar. He said that Ajay wanted to show that with Karan paying him money, the rules of the competition were unfair and wanted to prove the same in the court of law. Finally, KRK addressed Rs. 25 lakhs controversy saying that he was only trying to change the topic and stop Kumar Mangat from blaming him for supporting Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. He said that why would of all the people, Karan Johar would pay him any money to promote a film.

KRK did say that as he runs a website, their company does take money for promotions. But, when they do take money, he doesn’t review the film.

Quick to react after the press conference was done, Ajay Devgn once again released an official statement. He said, “We have only made you aware of what Kamaal R Khan has said. KRK is contradicting himself in explanations about what he has said in the (phone call) recording and what we all have just heard in his postured press conference. He has not denied that it was his voice in the recording and he is now making excuses and contradicting himself. Where is the sanity here? You have heard what I have heard. It is up to you all to decide. It’s his word against his own word. I have never in my life spoken to nor met this man.”

Karan Johar has maintained a stoic silence over this major controversy as of now.

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KRK holds press conference against Ajay Devgn makes shocking accusations

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