KRK shares abusive SMS from Karan

Kamaal R Khan Shares Evidence Of Abusive And Threatening SMS From Karan Johar © MovieTalkies Kamaal R Khan Shares Evidence Of Abusive And Threatening SMS From Karan Johar

The controversial Kamaal R Khan, who is known for his nasty film reviews, made a shocking revelation today by alleging that Karan Johar sent him a threatening text message, warning him against reviewing Bombay Velvet, in which KJo plays the antagonist.

Taking to Twitter, KRK wrote, ”I have not reviewed any film this week because Karan Johar n Anurag Kashyap threatened n asked me to not review any film anymore.”

Offended at this, Anurag Kashyap, the director of Bombay Velvet wrote, ”For the record I have nothing to do with Mr KRK stopping to review films, I think he is shit scared that he will have to eat his words. So he blames it on me, because it’s also easy to believe that I must have done it. There are genuine reviewer who give bad reviews ..To a lot of my work and I respect that.You are just insignificant Mr KRK. Maybe you have lost u’r mojo & they don’t enjoy laughing at u anymore.”

Khan also uploaded a screenshot of a text message purportedly sent by Johar, which reads, ”Listen KRK! I shall f**k your life if you will give review of my film Bombay Velvet. Karan”.

Khan further wrote, ”But Karan Johar sir how will you f**k me when you said yourself-Ab Toh Mera L**d Khada Nahi Hota Hai, Kya Karoon Hai Pada Pada Sota Hai. Karan Ji i know U r a big producer/director in Bollywood but it’s not mean tat U r a Bhai n u will start threatening honest reviewers like me.”

However, KJo himself has not responded to KRK’s allegations. Wonder what the Dharma head honcho has to say about these allegations now.

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KRK shares abusive SMS from Karan

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