Lara Duttas second outing as a producer

After having turned producer with Chalo Dilli, Lara Dutta Bhupathi is now all set for her second film as a producer. This time round, the said film will be based on the true story of the Chhattisgarh Women’s Basketball team that made national news last year after winning every possible title in India. Lara, who has now bought the rights to the story, will be producing under her banner of ‘Bheegi Basanti Entertainment’.

Speaking about the untitled film (that highlights the players’ journey of braving the odds, both as a team and individually), Lara Dutta said that “I have always wanted to tell stories that celebrate the strength of human spirit and the victories of everyday human beings. At ‘Bheegi Basanti’, when we were looking for what we can consider as our second subject, this fantastic story suddenly popped up in our search. Madhya Pradesh has always given the country decent basketball teams, but the efforts of coach Rajesh Patel, who led the Chhattisgarh girls’ team to success in basketball, was truly the game changer for both the sport and girls. Whilst working at the Bhilai Steel Plant and as the Head Coach of all of Chhattisgarh’s State women’s teams, Patel led the team to extraordinary success making it a true to life fairy tale story. The girls, under Patel’s supervision, overcame serious odds all to become India’s fiercest women’s basketball team and go on to earn a better future for themselves. A love for the game coupled with the celebration of the indomitable human spirit, made this an ideal story for us to chase and recreate”.

Watch this space for developments.

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Lara Duttas second outing as a producer

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