Let's give Bebo and Sallu, a break from pregnancy and marriage rumours

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Even Bollywood stars, with all the glitz, glamour and silver spoons, are still not exempt from the backward mentality that only marriage and children can fulfil your life.

Proof of this is Randhir Kapoor’s comments on rumours of Kareena Kapoor Khan being pregnant. These rumours have been doing the round for a long time now (just as most rumours do), and Kareena has denied them time and again (maybe a voice recorder would help?).

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However, according to this DNA report, her father has reacted to the claims, by saying, “Well, they haven’t told me yet, so I have no clue, but I hope it’s true. It’s high time that they had a baby.”

Here’s a thought.

Kareena Kapoor Khan is arguably one of the biggest stars in Bollywood today, with an impressive filmography, a flourishing career that seems to have only caught on more steam inspite of her marriage and the stigma attached to Bollywood heroines and their declining career post a wedding.

If I were Kareena’s father, I would be mighty proud of my daughter’s success (which I’m sure he is) and not make regressive statements like the above, which only feed into the stereotype of “being a woman”.

Why and how is it “high time” for her to have children? Does choice not have a say in the ticking biological clock? Does it not matter that she is spending her time making memorable movies?

Perhaps Salman Khan feels the same way when he is questioned about his impending wedding. When Salman arrived at Preity Zinta’s reception with rumoured girlfriend Lulia Vantur, mediapersons and the industry, were sent into a tizzy. Is he going to get married? Will he be the doting son and marry Lulia so his aging mother can heave a sigh of relief?

How will Salman getting married make a difference? Will his career flourish even more? Will he start doing more movies with Sooraj Barjatya? Are his pending court cases going to magically disappear? And probably the most important question of them all, why does marriage and children become an obsession when it comes to public figures?

Rest assured, Kareena and Salman will remain the big stars that they are, with or without marriage and children. And while Randhir Kapoor is allowed to hope for grand children, by coming out in public and speaking about it, he sets a bad example for young minds who are anyway routinely told that marriage and children should be all and the end all of their lives.

Lisa Haydon is probably smiling somewhere.

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Let's give Bebo and Sallu, a break from pregnancy and marriage rumours

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