Madhuri talks about her husband, kids and stardom

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“I remember my kids were watching ‘Koyla’ when I was just about to leave my home. When I came back, I found a note stuck on one of my kid’s computers. It said: ‘Mom, why were you acting so funny in Koyla?’,” were Madhuri Dixit’s words when she visited Google Headquarters last month and attended a ‘Talks At Google’ session.

The ‘Hum Aapke Hain Koun!’ actress arrived with her husband and Cardio-Thoracic surgeon Dr Sriram Nene. In one of the rare appearances that he makes, Dr Nene spoke at length about the relationship he shares with his wife Madhuri, his own transition from the self-helping and self-sufficient life in Denver, US to Mumbai, India and about his own singing talent.

After having launched her own dancing tutorial website, the actress recently came out with her own mobile application ‘Dance with Madhuri’. The couple talked about this app too and also about the importance of dance in life.


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Adding to how her kids feel about her movies, Madhuri Dixit continued, “Another instance was when they watched ‘Gulaab Gang’. There is a scene in the movie where I raise my arm and speak a dialogue. My kids were imitating for so long after that. In short, this is how I am treated at my home.”

When asked about her transition from super stardom to a homemaker, Madhuri says, “In India, you are so dependent on your maid servants. You can leave everything on them, but in USA, you have to cook, clean up, buy groceries, everything on your own. I remember when the first time I went grocery shopping in US, my heart was thumping. But then, I felt so good. It’s a feeling of freedom here.”

Dr Nene also spoke about his first reaction when he met Madhuri. “You know the film industry here, is crazy. So, I didn’t know how she would be when I first heard of her. But then I met her brother; he was so grounded and humble. And then I met her,” quips Dr Nene.

“After we met, he asked, ‘will you come mountain biking with me?, and I thought it will be fine, there’s a mountain and you have to bike. But upon reaching the mountain I realised it’s very difficult. At one point I told him, ‘I can’t do it’. He asked me, ‘You don’t know mountain biking?’,” added Madhuri.

They were also asked who, among Hrithik Roshan, Govinda, Salman Khan and Prabhudheva, their most favourite dancer in Bollywood was. Pat came Madhuri’s reply, “If you consider everything, the personality and dance and all, I think it’s Hrithik Roshan. He mesmerises when he dances.” But Dr Nene begged to differ.

“I like Prabhudheva. He is so fluid. He doesn’t have bones,” said Dr Nene.

Rightly said. Dr Nene even obliged the audiences by singing one of Madhuri’s most popular songs ‘Ek Do Teen’.

From her first brushes with stardom to the bliss of married life, Madhuri Dixit was up and about in this 45 minute session with SVP, Search, Google – Amit Singhal. Though the session a month back, Madhuri Dixit shared the link to it today on her Instagram.

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Madhuri talks about her husband, kids and stardom

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