Mira is my wife, she is not an actress: Shahid Kapoor

© Provided by Masala.com Bollywood star Shahid Kapoor is a lucky chap! The actor is still remembered for his brilliant performance in Haider and people are more than willing to forgive him for the Shaandaar debacle as they look forward to his multiple releases in 2016. The actor has several impressive films lined up starting with Udta Punjab, Rangoon and AK Vs. SK, where allegedly wife Mira is rumoured to be making her debut.

In a recent interview published in Bollywood Life, Shahid openly speaks about his choice of roles, the films and unexpectedly even his fears. He says, “Fears are to repeat myself and to focus on the wrong things because the focus should not be result-oriented. The focus should be on the process because if you work in a result-oriented manner, in a profession that’s so unpredictable, you usually become frustrated, unhappy and blame other people for the failures that you go through. Again, when success comes your way, you start behaving like you’re the king of the world. It’s a wrong approach to life. Rather, if you enjoy what you’re doing, then regardless of the result, you would feel satisfied with the experiences that you had while making the movies that you made, the people that you connected with, the journeys that you took, the attempts you made.”

Great wisdom, coming from someone who’s seen success so early in life. Regarding the rumour surrounding his wife Mira Kapoor’s debut, Sasha is more guarded. However, he does say, “I am loving all the stuff that I have been reading everywhere. I won’t tell you what’s true and what’s not. Aap log socho. Mira is my wife, she is not an actress.”

Take a look at exclusive snaps from Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajpur’s wedding reception in the gallery below:

Shahid Kapoor’s wedding reception

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Mira is my wife, she is not an actress: Shahid Kapoor

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