Movie reviews: 'Don't Breathe'

Don't Breathe Dominates Box Office, Suicide Squad Follows © Sony Pictures Here’s what the critics are saying about Don’t Breathe, starring Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovatto and Stephen Lang:

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Written by Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues, “Don’t Breathe” is almost a throw-back to older horror films. It’s meticulously planned and thrillingly satisfying with a camera always a step ahead — if you see an array of sharp tools near the beginning, bet on them being used at some point. Roque Baños’ discordant soundtrack manages to capture dread beautifully. Read the complete movie review here.

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Don’t Breathe is a thrilling experience that effectively puts the audience in the protagonists’ place: uncertain, cringing, afraid to even breathe because of the potential consequences. Alvarez and Sayagues pull a neat trick in turning an elderly blind man into a looming, inhuman, scent-driven monster, like the alien creatures in Pitch Black, or the movement-oriented velociraptors in Jurassic Park. But for a long time, the film also doesn’t let us forget that he’s a lonely man dealing with some young punks out to steal his life savings. The film operates on such a lean, efficient basis that it has time to spare for contradictions and nuance. And above all, it has time to spare on making sure that different kinds of horror audiences will get drawn in, whether they’re looking for well-crafted psychological tension, or just that satisfying glimmer of sheer throat-closing terror. Read the complete movie review here.

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Movie reviews: 'Don't Breathe'

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