Nargis Fakhri leaves for US after her breakup with Uday Chopra?

© India Today Nargis Fakhri plays Sangeeta Bijlani in Tony D’Souza’s recently released film Azhar. While Emraan Hashmi and Prachi Desai went from city-to-city to promote their film, Nargis was nowhere to be seen. Reason – her alleged break-up with rumoured boyfriend Uday Chopra. Though the two have always remained tight-lipped about their relationship status, but it seems all is not well in their paradise.

According to a report in DNA, Nargis has had a nervous breakdown and soon left for the US leaving her films and producers in the lurch. If the report is to be believed, Uday has called off his wedding with Nargis and this led to her nervous breakdown.

A source was quoted as telling the daily, “Nargis was all set to announce her wedding to Uday Chopra, but he’d changed his mind about getting hitched and this came as a shock to her. There was a time when he was very keen to marry her and had proposed to her, but she wanted to focus on her career and Hollywood films. Now, the tables have turned.”

The source added, “She had a huge fight with him, suffered a nervous breakdown and left almost overnight.”

In fact, her personal life has taken a toll on her professional commitments. The makers of Azhar, Housefull 3 and Banjo are in a fix.

“The Azhar team was stumped when Nargis told them she was suffering from an injury and couldn’t promote the film. But a friend of the actress says that she has had a nervous breakdown and she had packed her bags and left for her hometown (New York City)! She told her close friends that she was not in the state of mind to work and needed to get out of the country. She also told the producers of Banjo that she would adjust the dates and will shoot when she’s back. With 97 per cent of the film complete and just some patchwork left, the producers are scratching their heads about what to do.”

Though, Nargis never publicly confirmed her relationship with Uday, but, she admitted that Uday will always remain a part of her life. She was quoted as telling the website, “Uday Chopra is a person who will be a part of my life for the rest of my life. He is the most amazing human being who I have ever met in my entire life not just in India but around the world. If anyone is his friend that person is lucky to have him in his life.”

However, Fakhri’s spokesperson has a different story to tell.

“Nargis has been extremely overworked working on 3 films simultaneously over the last year. For someone who’s used to doing one film at a time, this was quite a bit for Nargis. Schedules and intense work hours that film-making demands is not something everyone can cope with. In addition, she has been unwell right through the Azhar promotions with multiple injuries – torn hamstring, anterior knee ligament thinning and mild socket dislocation along with burning of the stomach lining due to lead and arsenic poisoning. Due to these multiple issues and her overall exhaustion, she had a fever of about 101 degrees right through her promotions. Even though she was advised complete rest, she ensured she completed everything she had committed to for Azhar. However, due to her deteriorating condition, she had to request Sajid sir and bow out of Housefull 3 promotions to go back home to New York for a month to address all her medical issues and recuperate,” said her spokesperson.

Well, only time will tell if Nargis returns to India to fulfill her professional commitments or continue to stay in the US to nurse her broken heart.

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Nargis Fakhri leaves for US after her breakup with Uday Chopra?

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