No Sanjay Dutt in Sultan

Reports that Sanjay Dutt would be cast as Salman Khan’s mentor in the much talked-about Sultan are not only incorrect but also misleading.

Says a source close to the project, “Salman never indicated that he wanted Sanjay Dutt to be in the film. There is no question of signing Sanjay Dutt or anyone else until the leading lady is in place.”

According to this source, the film’s leading lady, a new face will be in place in the next two weeks.

“After that there are two important male characters to be cast. One of them would be that of Salman’s mentor. But no Sanjay Dutt. Isn’t he in prison?” asks the source.

As for the leading lady the source informs, “Salman will be launching a new girl. He already has someone in mind and has spoken to producer Adi Chopra and director Ali Abbas Zafar about it.”


No Sanjay Dutt in Sultan

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