No Smoking ticker from first frame to last in Bombay Velvet

Anurag Kashyap who fought tooth and nail to remove the mandatory anti-smoking warnings from his last film and was even willing to go all the way to the Supreme Court to prevent the statutory anti-smoking warnings from making their way into his film has agreed to let the anti-smoking ticker play throughout his new film Bombay Velvet.

A reliable source from the censor board informs, “Bombay Velvet is set in the 1960s when smoking was considered fashionable in society and in films. The film is shot in smoky clubs with one or the other character constantly lighting up a cigarette. In terms of the smoky ambience Bombay Velvet is like Guru Dutt’s Aar Paar or Chetan Anand’s Taxi Driver… Considering the number of times the characters light up in Bombay Velvet it would have been very distracting to have the anti-smoking ticker coming and going… far less distracting to just have the warning playing continuously in a small corner.”

On the other hand we also hear that Siddharth Basu who was seen playing the role of Robin Dutt in John Abraham’s film Madras Cafe will be seen playing an important character in Bombay Velvet. While casting director Mukesh Chhabra will be seen doing a cameo in the film. However details of their roles are still unavailable.

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No Smoking ticker from first frame to last in Bombay Velvet

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