Om Puri and his wife Nandita opt for judicial separation

Amidst several allegations and accusations between the couple, veteran actor Om Puri and his writer wife Nandita have decided to go their separate ways. The two decided to take matters in a legal way and have opted for judicial separation.

Reportedly, Om and Nandita have opted for separation where the man and wife can live their life separately without any interference in each other’s lives with the visiting rights being given to Om for their teenage son Ishaan. Reacting to the decision, Om affirmed that he and Nandita will now on be only talking about the welfare of their kid. Nandita too extended her support to this decision and also mentioned that it was a peaceful procedure where they have also withdrawn previous cases that they filed against each other.

Om Puri and Nandita’s married life hit rock bottom after the release of the biography on the actor’s life written by his author wife. Whilst Om reacted strongly to the book claiming that his past relationships were portrayed in a disrespectful manner, Nandita accused her husband of domestic violence and even registered a case against him on the same. However, now all seems to be sorted between the couple who seem to be the content with the decision of judicial separation.

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Om Puri and his wife Nandita opt for judicial separation

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