Pahlaj Nihalani isnt in favour of Shyam Benegal committee

Dealing with issues of piracy and the rigid censorship of Bollywood films, CBFC chief Pahlaj Nihalani is surrounded by a web of controversies. Whilst the Government is chalking out plans in favour of the Shyam Benegal committee, Pahlaj Nihalani expressed his displeasure over the decision.

In a recent interview, Central Board of Film Certification chief Pahlaj Nihalani revealed that if it was left to him he wouldn’t have the Shyam Benegal committee to have it their way. The said committee, as reported before, recommended a ‘holistic framework of certification of films’ which also brings back the Cinematography Act of 1952 as an integral part whilst certifying a film. However, not agreeing to the same, Pahlaj believes that it is a redundant law that fails to meet the demands of new age cinema. Maintaining that complete freedom of expression is a myth in any country, Pahlaj continues to stress on the need to retain our culture and values adding that if the Government wants to protect them then they must abide by the laws laid by them. He also asserts that laws should be held at the highest regard and that everyone should be required to follow the guidelines since the lawmakers are aware of what is best for everyone.

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Pahlaj Nihalani isnt in favour of Shyam Benegal committee

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