Pandemonium at censor office over Udta Punjab

There was utter chaos at the Censor Board of Film Certification (CBFC) office in Mumbai on Wednesday when the producers of Udta Punjab arrived late in the afternoon to get their censor certificate with their lawyer in tow.

Apparently, the honourable High Court had instructed the CBFC to pass the film by 4 pm on Wednesday. However there was an irregularity in the procedure and a huge argument ensued between the Udta Punjab producers and the CBFC with the former again moving to the High Court for redress of their grievance.

Says a source closely linked to the development, “The CBFC was ready to issue a certificate to the producers by 4 pm. But then it was discovered that the producers had failed to provide a detail mandatory to the issuing of censor certificate. The producers had failed to provide the exact length of the film. In the absence of this detail it was impossible to issue the certificate.”

Apparently a huge argument broke out. “The Udta Punjab producers had come to the censor office with their legal counsel. They decided to go back to the honourable High Court for a solution to the problem.”

Apparently the honourable High Court instructed the producers to submit the information on the exact footage and also firmly advised the CBFC to issue the censor certificate to the producers of Udta Punjab without any further delay.

“The censor certificate was finally issued at around 6 pm on Wednesday, thereby ending the long legal battle between the CBFC and the makers of Udta Punjab.”

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Pandemonium at censor office over Udta Punjab

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