Police seize Mamta Kulkarnis bank accounts

Earlier we had reported that popular 90’s actress Mamta Kulkarni had been accused in one of the biggest drug rackets that was busted by the Thane Police. Now we hear that police have since seized her bank accounts.

Apparently, the Police have seized and sealed eight of Kulkarni’s bank accounts. As per their reports, Kulkarni’s Malad account had a balance of Rs. 67 lakhs and the remaining Rs. 26 lakhs were spread across the other bank accounts, and that in the past year and a half, she has not conducted any bank transaction. Further we also hear that after seizing her banking accounts, the police will also be seizing her properties in India once they get a court order for the same.

Apart from the seizure, the police who are confident that Kulkarni is the mastermind in the case have included her name in the third chargesheet that was submitted in the Thane Sessions Court and are also investigating her sister for handling her accounts.

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Police seize Mamta Kulkarnis bank accounts

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