Raj Kundra calls Shah Rukh Khans Frooti commercial disgusting

The censors are constantly in a bid to chop off vulgar, obscenity and cuss words from films and television commercials but it seems entrepreneur Raj Kundra is not happy with the decision they have taken for a mango drink commercial. Frooti, a mango drink brand endorsed by Shah Rukh Khan has left Raj Kundra upset.

Raj Kundra took to Twitter to share his feelings about the song used in the commercial which says, ‘aam suck it lick it’ (mango suck it lick it). He tweeted, “This Frooti ad is disgusting! Kids copying and singing suck it lick it a. @iamsrk bhai how did u approve this script? Tasteless literally!”

However, this tweet did not go down well with Shah Rukh Khan fans and Raj Kundra received flak from these fans on his Twitter handle. Later, gauging the situation, Raj had to take to Twitter to explain to them that he did not have any personal grudge against the superstar. He said, “Stop overreacting I love @iamsrk it’s my personal opinion the ad is not made in good taste & bad for kids. Frooti thank media free publicity!”

Interestingly, Shah Rukh Khan and Raj Kundra are also placed opposite on the cricket field for the IPL considering that the former is the owner of Kolkata Knight Riders and Raj has a stake in Rajasthan Royals.

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Raj Kundra calls Shah Rukh Khans Frooti commercial disgusting

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